Convert Images

Tags: thunar custom action, convert, graphics, zenity
November 11, 2015

To learn how to use Thunar Custom Actions click here.

Convert the selected files to the user defined graphic format (jpg, png, tiff, webp, gif, etc). Quality can be set. The converted images will be placed in a separate folder and the originals will remain intact. Zenity must be installed.

/home/$USER/Scripts/ %N

Under Appears if selection contains make sure Image Files is checked.

Change /home/$USER/Scripts/ to the path of the bash script, and change to the name you give the bash script.

###Bash Script:

I keep my bash scripts in a folder called “Scripts” in my personal directory. To create the bash script copy the script below and paste it into a text editor. Name the script: Save it to the scripts folder you created. Make the script executable by opening up a terminal and navigating to the folder in which the script is stored. Type: chmod +x And press Enter. The script will now work when used with Thunar Custom Actions.

Bash Script