PickMe! Random File Selection Tool

Tags: software, file manipulation, random selection, donation coder
July 20, 2018

PickMe! is a super-handy portable program created by user scancode at DonationCoder in 2009.

PickMe PickMe PickMe

I find it useful for picking random screenshots from a folder containing upwards of 3000 screenshots. I’ll want screenshots from a video, and I’ll use the FFmpeg code below to extract a random sampling.

ffmpeg -i mmm.mp4 -r 3.0 -qscale:v 1 zzz_%03d.jpg

But then I don’t want to have to go through each picture to choose which ones I want, as it would be time-consuming. So PickMe! is of great assistance with this specific task.

The link at DonationCoder no longer works, but fortunately I was able to download it with Internet Archives’ WaybackMachine. PickMe! works on Windows 10, which is the only OS I’ve tested it with.