Watermark Images

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November 11, 2015

Watermark - Thunar Custom Action

To learn how to use Thunar Custom Actions click here.

This custom action works with a bash script (below). Images will be watermarked after entering custom text into a dialog box and pressing enter. The originals will be copied to a subfolder of the working directory named backups. Edit the script to modify the default watermark settings to your liking.

/$USER/Scripts/watermark.sh %N

Change $USER/Scripts/watermark.sh to the path of the bash script (Copy Filename and Path Custom Action above can be used for this!), and change watermark.sh to the name you give the bash script. Under Appears if selection contains make sure Image Files is checked.

###Creating Bash Script:

I keep my bash scripts in a folder named Scripts in my personal directory. To create the bash script copy the script below and paste it into a text editor. Name the script watermark.sh and save it to the scripts folder you created. Make the script executable by opening up a terminal and navigating to the folder in which the script is stored. Type chmod +x watermark.sh and press Enter. The script will now work when used with Thunar Custom Actions. To learn more about Thunar Custom actions click here.

Bash Script